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Edsac Emulation Daisy Chain 4The Future of the Past



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Storage fantasy 1

"If it's on a shelf, it's in trouble"— Richard Wright, BBC

the shelf

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Storage fantasy 2

the cloud

Microsoft Cloud 1

Storage reality 1

Microsoft Cloud 	3

Storage reality 2

Linear A Phaistos Disk B

Storage reality 3

Domesday Laserdisc

Storage means death

Museum Crate 3 Quarters
Mausoleum Tomb Vga
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"We cannot all become museums of computer hardware"‐Library of Congress, 2013

Migration fantasy

Osx Windows Migration Assistant

Migration reality

Migration Error Document Too Old
Microsoft Word Wont Open Word

Solution: emulation

FCEUX Nintendo Nes Emulator

Emulators by amateurs

Nintendo: "The introduction of emulators...represents the greatest threat to date to the intellectual property rights of video game developers"

Real Mario SmaDiverging, re-converging, and constantly improving.

No one in charge.

Fceux Emulator Timeline

Who's making emulators now?

Emulators By Producer Chart

Emulation by amateurs: 1974-2014

FCEUX Nintendo Nes Emulator

Emulation by professionals: 2004-present

Flanagan Phage Vpc B Ill

The Erl King

Seeing Dou Weinbren Ill

Grahame Weinbren and Roberta Friedman, The Erl King (1982, emulated 2004)

First interactive video installation

Erl King Print

Dying hardware

Weinbren Erlki B 500px
Weinbren Erlki C 500px
Flavin Dan Guggenheim Outside Seeing Double Logo


57 Seeing Dou Weinbren Code


Simon Colorpanels V A Ill

Visitor survey

Seeing Survey Savvy

Library of Congress: "Emulation may serve our needs better than hardware"

Tempest Screen

Watch video of original Tempest arcade or Next slide

Daisy-chaining emulators

Edsac Emulation Daisy Chain 1
Edsac Emulation Daisy Chain 2
Edsac Emulation Daisy Chain 3
Edsac Emulation Daisy Chain 4

Emulation as a service

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Internet Archive: JSMESS

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Rhizome: bwFLA

Cross-generational training

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